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In this article, I will reveal a secret that continues to help transform players from the “being recruited” status to the “has been signed” status.   It may take you some time to understand why, but this may be the most important article that you ever read on “The Dad’s Basketball Blog”.

This article is about how easy it is to develop character and receive recognition and rewards (which could include tipping the scale for that collegiate roster spot) through volunteerism.  Uh oh, I just lost some of you, but that’s OK. Here is what you need to know and do to increase your self-worth, your value to the community and to college coaches.
Being a Skilled Player Is Not Enough!
  Everyone knows that college coaches are looking for players who can PLAY, but playing ability alone is not enough to ensure the acquisition of a roster spot. You should never forget that you are competing with players from all over the USA (and around the world, in some cases) for an opportunity to compete at the college level. You must work to position yourself high on the “desirability” ladder. In addition to developing your skill and athleticism and preparing yourself academically, you must also work to become a better person. Character development is an important and over-looked aspect of preparing for college recruitment. College coaches are looking for character. However, few players intentionally work to develop it. Those that do, tend to stand out.
Finding players with good character has become a high priority for an increasing number of college coaches. Background checks, social site reviews, consultations with coaches, school counselors, and others who know a player, is now the norm in player evaluation. Coaches will offer opportunities to a player with a high character rating when choosing between players with similar playing ability and academics! Read that again!
Recently, I had a discussion with an HISD social counselor who was contacted by a college coach concerning an athlete being recruited. This counselor told me, “I had an obligation to tell the coach the truth”!  To make a long story short, a highly skilled athlete, with good academics had a scholarship opportunity revoked. Why? The athlete lacked “good character”.
What is Good Character and How Do You Acquire It?
Good character cannot be turned on and off with a switch; it is developed and it takes time. Here is a definition from The School of Character,”A person of good character acts in a manner that is honorable, courageous, compassionate and ethical.”  Takesome time to consider this.    
Character development is a huge topic; you can visit The School of Character website to learn more. However, there is a sure fire way to move forward; simply help someone in need. There is power and reward in doing so. Believe it or not, it is easy to get started especially if you have a little help. Read on…
A Recruiting Secret That You Need To KnowWhat if you could go online, find places near you where you could volunteer a little of your time, and have the time documented for you so that you can share it with others (including college coaches)? Well, you can. Just visit to sign up and get started. Signup is easy; you can even sign in with your FaceBook or Twitter account.
How cool is this? You can find places to volunteer and help others, and have it DOCUMENTED. That may not seem like much to you right now, but the experience and documentation have great value! Most importantly, the experience serves to help develop your character. Secondly, the documentation can be used to prove to coaches that there is “goodness” in you and that you are participating in character building activities.
Just remember that these activities do not have to be very time consuming at all. For example, you could volunteer to help distribute clothing or food once per month, or help kids learn basketball skills at a youth center when YOU have the time. You can start small and gain huge rewards. All the while you are becoming a better person, a better citizen and increasing your “desirability” in the eyes of college coaches!   
The website can help you get started. Here is how they describe their service:
“GoVoluntr is a social network that connects volunteers and non-profits together while being part of a fun and engaging community. We source awesome opportunities that volunteers can participate in and track hours through our VID (Volunteer ID) system. Those tracked hours can then be shared with their connections and other social sites to share their good deeds and help spread the word of their favorite causes.”
Hidden benefits
There are other benefits associated with volunteerism. For example, Davila and Mora study showed that “Students who performed voluntary community service were 19 percentage points more likely to graduate from college than those that did not! Volunteerism builds self-esteem and has positive impact on those you serve and on those who witness your service. is a new site, so it may take a little time before you can find volunteer opportunities in your area. Do not allow that to discourage you! If you know of organizations where you can volunteer, just ask them to sign up on and you can still receive your reward points! This will also help the organizations attract new volunteers and everyone wins! I am currently encouraging non-profits in the greater Houston area, like the George McClellan Foundation to post their events and volunteer needs. 
Get Your Reward Points!                                     
If you already do some volunteer work, be sure to have the organization sign up on and document your hours! Perhaps you do some work at your church like helping out in the nursery or Youth Ministry. Wherever you volunteer, it is important that the work is documented. This also helps to encourage others to volunteer and thereby helps the organization too!    
Hey! For those of you, who choose to take this article to heart and give volunteerism a try, let me know about it. I will follow you on and stay in touch. I would also like to feature you on the BBC website, this could help to elevate your exposure and also motivate others to get involved! Good character can be demonstrated by what you DO and volunteer work will certainly help you in your journey to good character.  OK, everyone, let’s GoVoluntr!
For BBC Member Players
BBC member players can find more help in the BBC Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Recruited. Watch for new articles about character development and about how to easily link your BBC Portfolio to your civic and volunteer activities and place this information at the fingertips of college coaches!  
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Young Han
Monday, May 28, 2012 1:53 PM
What a great read! Thank you so much for understanding what we are trying to do and sharing GoVoluntr on BBCPlayers. We look forward to working with Houston nonprofits and do goodrs.
The Dad
# The Dad
Friday, June 1, 2012 1:00 PM
Great news! the George McClellan Foundation has signed yp with GoVoluntr! You can now get involved! Just visit and sign in with FB or Twitter amd click "Oopportunities". Go GMF!!

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